About us



The Bevagna Film Festival (BFF) is an international short film festival held in Bevagna (Italy).

The Festival’s mission is to celebrate young cinema on a worldwide level, with a selection of works of the highest artistic quality created by emerging directors and passionate storytellers with unique visions.

Bevagna Film Festival is defined by a strong identity linked to international cinema, but at the same time shows great interest in the Italian film scene.
Its schedule is rich in content and competitive sections: Fiction Short Film; Short-documentary; Animation Short Film; Videoclip.

The short film is an art form on its own: every single aspect shapes a new world that we want to explore.

The town


Bevagna is an Italian town located in the heart of Umbria.

It was founded during the Roman epoch and had its maximum splendour in medieval and renaissance times.

Today it is famous for the famous Mercato delle Gaite, which is organized every year evoking medieval customs and traditions.

The town and its people have always had a connection with cinema: many films and TV series have been shot in its alleys and squares, from Musica in piazza by Mario Mattoli (1936), to Fratello sole, sorella luna directed by Franco Zeffirelli (1972); from Don Matteo 6 (2017-2018), to the Disney series Sara e Marti #lanostrastoria (2017/2019); from Il nome della rosa (2019) with John Turturro to Benedetta by Paul Verhoeven (2021).